Behold this day. It is yours to make (Nicholas Black Elk)! Meet Mother Nature’s most curious creatures: An enchanting Red-bellied lemur (Eulemur rubriventer) :o)!

Animal Personality: White-faced saki Guilherme

I want to grow old without facelifts. I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I have made (Marilyn Monroe :o)! White-faced or golden-faced saki monkeys (Pithecia pithecia) are given that name because the males have a white ring around their faces, although the females do not. Both males and females are a grizzled brown colour…

Little Puma lost in thought

Facts: Mountain lions are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, and poaching of their wild prey base. They are persecuted across their range by retaliatory hunting due to livestock depredation, and due to fear that they pose a threat to human life. Pumas are legally hunted in many western US states, although hunting was banned by popular referendum in California…

Lion-sun god

Nature is magical – We all have the power of light – the „White Lion“ – within us. The very first step is to overcome our fears. Thereafter; our hearts will lead the way (Linda Tucker).

Respect the Elders, Teach the Young, Cooperate with the Family, Play when you can, Work when you should, Rest in between. Share your Affection, Voice your Feelings, Leave your Mark (Meerkat Manor). In this serie Meerkats are not forgotten :o)! Facts: A kat is not a cat when it’s a meerkat, a vital, clever, and amazing weasel-like animal that is a member of the mongoose family. For meerkats, there isn’t just safety in family groups - there’s also companionship. The mob is made up of several family groups, with one dominant pair that produces most of the offspring, but they don’t have to be related to belong to the same group. Meerkat mobs spend a lot of their time grooming and playing together to keep the family as a tight unit. This community existence helps the meerkats survive. Erdmännchen leben in matriarchalischen Familienverbänden. Sie gehören zu den sozialsten Säugetieren überhaupt. Sehr häufig suchen die kleinen Mangusten Körperkontakt: sei es durch Umarmen oder einfach nur durch nahes Beieinanderstehen. Auch pflegen sie sich gerne und ausgiebig gegenseitig das Fell :o). Grundsätzlich bestimmt immer das ranghöchste Weibchen, wo die Familie lebt und auch nur dieses bekommt die Jungen. Genau wie die Löwen, begehen auch Surikaten Infantizid. Hier ist es allerdings das dominanten Weibchen, welche die Nachkommen rangniedriger Weibchen tötet. Damit sichert sie die Überlebenschancen ihres eigenen Wurfs.

African souls: XXI

Respect the elders, teach the young, cooperate with the family, play when you can, work when you should, rest in between. Share your affection, voice your feelings, leave your mark (Meerkat Manor).