African souls: XIX

Keep calm and Hakuna Matata :o)! “Einfach mal die Seele baumeln lassen” – denn in der Stille, der Muße und Ruhe finden wir neue Kraft, damit wir uns unseren Träumen öffnen können, denn ohne Träume ist unser Leben einfach arm :o)!

African souls: II

The Lioness lives in the light. When a lioness isn’t hunting, she has no reason to move about in the shadows. She conducts her life in the open, sun-filled expanses of Africa.

Proud to be…

Thank you for the time we shared, for the love you gave, for the wisdom you spread. I will always treasure the lessons you taught me. I will carry them with me all the days of my life. I am so proud to be your child (Naomi Levy)!

Borneo Orangutan Ejde

Borneo Orangutan Ejde (Pongo pygmaeus – * 30.07.1980 in Zoo Aalborg) since 19.08.1993 in Rostock Zoo. Edje is at peace with himself.