Smiling Kidogo

Did you know, the average person looks 777.7% more attractive when they smile? Not to mention healthier, wiser, slimmer, richer, and cooler. They do. And smiles „become things“ too :o)!


An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language… …and now, run ;o)!

African souls: XXVII

Let’s begin our Christmas day with a smile :o). Smile! It is a simple act, but sometimes takes a lot of effort. Why don’t we smile more often? Is it too tough to smile? The answer lies in our attitude towards life. If we are more accepting of situations, we will be able to smile more easily. A smile can…

Endangered: Snow Leopard

Facts: Listed as Endangered under C1. Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia) are suspected to have declined by at least 20% over the past two generations (16 years) due to habitat and prey base loss, and poaching and persecution.

Pure soul…

…who blesses and guards! Always remember, wherever you are, whether near or far, you had a mother who really, really loved you.